Residential Programs

Promise Residential Program currently include two houses for men as well as two houses for women and children. Life in each residence emphasizes a relational model of interdependency and is organized to heal and strengthen each individual in their spiritual, emotional and physical growth and well-being. At Place of Promise, we believe that we can live more abundantly by learning to know ourselves, each other and God more intimately.

Place of Promise welcomes multi-injured individuals most of whom may have experienced a range of challenges including: substance abuse, mental illness, dual diagnosis, chronic physical illness, post-incarceration re-entry issues, history of trauma, abuse, and homelessness. The primary criterion for admission is not the problem, but a desire to live to one’s fullest potential and a determination to follow through on that choice.

The activities below are some of the key components of what we do at the Residential Programs:

  • Residents start with an initial six months residential program (level one) during which they participate in six group/classes per day, receive primary medical care, psychological, psychiatric and psychopharmacological therapy, and medical specialties care.
  • Level one residents receive addiction recovery coaching sessions daily.
  • Nurses on the staff administer the daily prescribed medications to each individual.
  • Residents receive in-house counseling by drug and alcohol counselors licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Substance Abuse Certification and by a psychotherapist.
  • Our Director of Residential Services sets the appointments with outside providers.
  • Program staff drive residents to their doctors’ appointments, outside counseling and psychotherapy, court dates and other events as needed.
  • The program is intense and holistic for the initial six months.
  • After six months, residents may move to the second house (level two) where they take more responsibility for their ongoing recovery, including going back to school if they so choose and getting a job working with MassRehab.
  • Place of Promise also offers tutoring for residents who need help improving their basic skills in math, reading and writing. Both level one and level two residents may request a tutor.

Upon admission into the Promise Residential Program, each individual meets with staff to determine an individualized treatment plan in order to achieve his/her personal goals. Residents learn to live in Christian community as they are transformed by God’s power and love into new people living new lives.