Spiritual Mentoring Course

The Spiritual Mentoring Course is a 16-hour training that equips participants to walk alongside those who are hurting, broken and lost as they both grow in relationship with God.  The course explores three essential components of discipleship – KnowGod, Know Yourself, Know Your Neighbor.  The course encourages participants to Know God by noticing who God is to them each day using the foundation of the names of God as revealed in the Bible.  Throughout  the course, participants gain familiarity with frameworks such as Erikson’s Human Life Cycle to better Know Yourself, Know Your Neighbor.  The course also emphasizes the impacts of addiction and trauma in disrupting humans’ healthy development.  This course features real life stories from Beth Kidd, founder of Place of Promise (www.placeofpromise .org) and someone with over 40 years of experience discipling those who are hurting, broken and lost.  These stories illustrate successes and challenges in the work of discipling others and ultimately God’s faithfulness despite our weaknesses and limits.

Listen online to Place of Promise’s Spiritual Mentoring Course

(16 hours in 8 sessions) given by Beth Kidd at First Church in Boxford.


Systems Advocacy Training

The Systems Advocacy Training is a four-hour session that equips participants to network with the multiple, frequently dehumanizing social, legal, health care systems (and more). People may face all these systems when putting together a new life. The training shares effective ways to lead a person through these systems.


Next Step Opportunities

The Spiritual Mentoring Course and Systems Advocacy Training are available to groups of six people or more regardless of intent to serve at the Promise Residential Treatment Homes. Please contact for more information.

Those who complete the Spiritual Mentoring Course are qualified for a supervised apprenticeship as a Spiritual Mentor.  Those who complete both the Spiritual Mentoring Course and Systems Advocacy Training are qualified for a supervised apprenticeship as a System Advocate. See Volunteer Opportunities for more information.