What is Place of Promise?

Place of Promise is a Christian non-profit organization that disciples, trains and nurtures individuals, including those most hurt and broken, to experience a growing relationship with God through which physical, spiritual, relational and emotional healing happens.

Place of Promise operates three types of programming:
Promise Residential Treatment Program – a residential program designed to help those who are hurting, lost, and broken to choose and find new Life by getting to know God and building a relationship with him through Jesus Christ in order to find holistic healing. This program supports the operation of four houses in Lowell, MA.
Promise Network – a network aimed at promoting unity and growth amongst individuals and organizations who look to disciple, train and nurture those who are hurting and broken.
Kids of Promise – an outreach and summer day camp for children in the neighborhood of the Promise Residential Treatment Program and the children of current and former Promise Residential Treatment Program participants.  The programming teaches the children about the love of Jesus for them and the truth of who they are and who God is.